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[kryptora] Cyber Security Cirtified Ethical Hacker

About Ethical Hacking Training

The growing dependence and importance regarding information technology present within our society is increasingly demanding that professionals find more effective solutions relating to security concerns. Individuals with unethical behaviors are finding a variety of ways of conducting activities that cause businesses and consumers much grief and vast amounts annually in damages. As information security continues to be foremost on the minds of information technology professionals, improvements in this area are critically important. One area that is very promising is penetration testing or Ethical Hacking. The purpose of this training is to examine effective offerings within public and private sectors to prepare security professionals. These individuals must be equipped with necessary tools, knowledge, and expertise in this fast growing proactive approach to information security.

Why Ethical Hacking Training is Important

According to those within the security field, more information technology professionals going back to class to learn the “latest hacking techniques.” In fact, many consider the three to five day seminars to be less expensive than hiring consultants. The average cost is $2,000 to $8,000 per person while consulting services range from $10,000 to $100,000 (Slania, 2003). According to the 2005 Computer Crime and Security Survey, virus attacks continue as the source of greatest financial loss. Unauthorised use increased slightly over the previous year, while unauthorised access to information and theft of proprietary information significantly increased in average dollar loss per respondent. Even more alarming, web site incidents have increased significantly over the previous year (CSI/FBI).

To help government and businesses minimize security risk, colleges and universities are increasingly offering courses and security training programs. At Rochester Institute of Technology, for example, courses in security education has been added to the curriculum. Students are divided into two teams; they set up networks and try to hack each other. As security flaws are found, they patch their systems and continue to secure the networks more and more as the semester progresses (Thurrott, 2005). At another college, Northern Virginia Community College, offers a network security certificate program. Leaders at the college interviewed their community and found that people were being educated at “too high of a level,” and programs were needed to help day-to-day security professional. There are 7 courses, 3 theory and concept, 3 labs, and a capstone course. The capstone is a free vulnerability analysis of a local non profit organization or small business. The capstone is important in that it provides a hands-on opportunity to put into practice everything learned in the classroom (Thurrott, 2005).

Key Advantage of Student

Effective Information Security course offerings are being provided by colleges and universities as well as “boot camps” offered by Kryptora. A variety of programs indicate a wide array of content, target audience, cost, and duration. The community college system provides a very effective platform for offering Information Security course concepts and applications. A proposed model for Information Security instruction was discussed and is planned for the summer Training.

We ensure that you will find our training program extremely beneficial for students. Such type of program not only give exposure to student regarding Information Security but It will make them learn, creating awareness for daily life and add-on in their Curriculum Vitae. Learn/practice about Information Security latest techniques and countermeasures directly from experienced certified professionals from EC Council, USA and Cyber Law certified.

  • 25% Theory (related to concept behind practical) and 75% total live demonstrations by our trainers on latest Information Security Techniques & Tools
  • Discussing cybercrime case studies.
  • Learn & Interact with Information Security Expert.
  • Highest Scorer (A++) of Exam will get 8GB Pen Drive
  • Receive unparalleled hands-on education training on the art of Information security with personal one-on-one attention during classroom training.
  • Future assistance to every student regarding any query of classroom demonstrations or any other technical assistance.
  • Exam will be conducted on last day, after whole Training is completed.
  • Bright student will get an offer for “Internship” (working with our expert team)
[kryptora] Cyber Security Cirtified Ethical Hacker

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