Desktop Application Development using wxPython

Python Training in Meerut

Desktop Application Development using Python

Desktop Application Development using Python

Python is very power full computer programming language. It was initially developed by Guido van Rossam. It was released 1991. Python was inspired by ABC and Haskell programming language.

The history of python start with ABC. ABC is a general purpose programming language and programming environment. It was first developed in Netherlands, Amsterdam, at CWI (Centrum Wiskunde and Informatica).

For creating graphical user interfaces, python programmers can choose among four decent options. PyGTK, wxPython, PyQt, Kivy. The official python toolkit is Tkinter. It is slow, looks terrible on all platforms, it has not been updated for ages.

Desktop Application

An application is a computer program which performs specific task or group of tasks. Tool or utility is used for a rather small and simple application which performs a single task like cd, dir, or md is an example of a such a tool which is performs in window operating system. While a media player, web browser, excel are an example of typical applications.All these type form of application called computer software.

wxPython used to create a computer program which is called an application. Media player, web browser, Editor , excel, adobe reader, photoshop, MySQL are example of typical applications. wxPython used to wxWidgets GUI Toolkit which is written in c++. wxPython developed by Robin Dunn along with Harri pasanen..

Unix are use various command and utilities. cp, cat, mv, cd , sed and grep etc. are few example of command and utilities. These utility are small and simple application that perform a single task. All these together form computer software.

Apllication Softeware can be divided in to two classes

  1. System Software
  2. Application Software

System Software:

Operating system, Assembler , Debugger , Compiler, ,Device Driver, Command and Utility, file management tools etc. are few example of system software.

Application Software:

Media player, web Browser, editor, word processor etc are few example of Application Software.

Computer software widely used to describe computer program , applications, operating system, computer games or video files.

Why Python?

Why use to Python for Desktop Application?

  • Fast Development time
  • Fast app start
  • Less Coding
  • Very huge library in c++
  • Python has powerful constructs list, dic, set etc.
  • Decorators and python has many other great features.

There are currently several widley used programming language.

Growth rate of Python

Rank of Python Programming Language 2015

Application can be created for four different areas.

  1. Desktop
  2. Web
  3. Enterprise
  4. Portables

There are many application developed using python example of Desktop Applications include Opera, Winamp, Maya, Bit Torrent, Task coach, editra, DropBox etc. Weblogs, wikis are examples of popular web applications.In October 2016, Microsoft launched the beta version 2.0 of its Cognitive Toolkit open source deep-learning framework, which includes support for Python.

Some GUI library for Python:

  • Tkinter – Python’s standard GUI package. (Tcl/Tk)
  • wxPython – A Python extension module that wraps wxWidgets library.
  • PySide/PyQt – A Python binding of the cross platform GUI toolkit Qt.
  • Kivy – a modern graphical user interface toolkit that allows you to easily develop Mobile Application (Android and IPhone), Game Development, everything which you want.

Python’s flexibility makes it possible to build applications for various operating systems, including Android. Tech giants like Google and Yahoo along with NASA, PBS, and Reddit use Python for their websites.

Beautiful Apps Built with wxPython

  • Task Coach
  • Editra
  • Bit Torrent
  • Drop Box
  • Google Drive
  • Chandler
  • Phatch
  • etc…

Summer/Winter and Class Room Training Program

Desktop Application Development using wxPython

Time Duration 45 Days (2hrs/day Demonstrations and Training) accordingly Or 3 month (1hrs/day)

Course Module Cost /- + 8000 Taxes (Level -1)

  • Module 1: Introduction wxPython
  • Module 2: Environment
  • Module 3: Menu Item , Menu & Menubar
  • Module 4: wxPython Class
  • Module 5: Container and Advanced Control
  • Module 6: UI Layout Management
  • Module 7: Dialogs Box
  • Module 8: Events Handling
  • Module 9: Widgets
  • Module 10: Advanced Widgets
  • Module 11: Notify and Alert
  • Module 12: Drag and Drop
  • Module 13: Using Databases
  • Module 14: Develop Advanced Application
  • Module 15: Create Custom Widgets
  • Module 16: Compiling and Packaging Our Application

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