Core and Advanced Python

Core and Advanced Python Training

Core and Advanced Python

Core and Advanced Python

Krypsec Digital Security are offer Summer Training, Winter Training, Insdustrial Training and Class Room Training of Python to student and professionals. We have best Instructor of Python which have minimum 5 year Experience in Python and many more.

Krypsec provides summer/winter, industrial and class room training for professionals and student. We are offer to core and Advanced Python programming Training. Where student learn about Core and Advanced Python, Desktop Application Development, Android/IPhone application Development using Kivy framework and many more.

Why Python

There are many good reasons to choose Python as your primary programming language. Python is most versatile computer programming language. In this time Python world most popular programming language and most used by programmers and Developers. Many large organization used to python programming language like that Google, Yahoo, Nokia, NASA, Microsoft etc. Python is an easy to lean and powerful programming language and vast collection of standard libraries.

  • Fast Development time
  • Fast app start
  • Less Coding
  • Very huge library in c++
  • Python has powerful constructs list, dic, set etc.
  • Decorators and python has many other great features.

Python is an easy to learn, powerful programming language. Furthermore it has efficient high-level data structures, which allow you to write complex operations in fewer statements compared to C, C++ or Java. Object-oriented programming is a lot easier than in languages like Java.

Python does everything!! 
Wondering why I lost my time with other languages.!!!

Python is very fast. The source code is compiled into bytecode, so that executing the same file will be faster, if the script will be executed again.

Python Popularity in 2015 and growth rate

Python Popularity in 2016

Python popularity in 2017

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Core Python

Time Duration 30 Days (2hrs/day Demonstrations and Training) accordingly Or 2 month (1hrs/day)

Course Module Cost /- + 3000 Taxes (Level -1)

Advantage: Basic Networking Concept Included

  • Module 1: Introduction About Python
  • Module 2: Installation and configuration of Python IDE
  • Module 3: A sample program
  • Module 4: Introduction about Python Interpreter
  • Module 5: Conditional based statement
  • Module 6: Loop based statement
  • Module 7: Pass statement
  • Module 8: Function in Python
  • Module 9: Standard function in Python
  • Module 10: Introduction about Data Structure
  • Module 11: List
  • Module 12: Dictionary
  • Module 13: Tuple and Set in Python
  • Module 14: OOPS concept
  • Module 15: File
  • Module 16: Exception Handling
  • Module 17: Python I/O

Advanced Python

Time Duration 30 Days (2hrs/day Demonstrations and Training) accordingly Or 2 month (1hrs/day)

Course Module Cost /- + 5000 Taxes (Level -1)

  • Module 1: Classes and Objects
  • Module 2: Classes and Function
  • Module 3: Sets of Objects
  • Module 4: Date and Time
  • Module 5: Inheritance
  • Module 6: Modules and Packages
  • Module 7: Installing Packages
  • Module 8: Networking
  • Module 9: Advanced Techniques
  • Module 10: Regular Expressions
  • Module 11: Queues
  • Module 12: Sending Email
  • Module 13: Operator Overloading
  • Module 14: Database Access
  • Module 15: Multithreading
  • Module 16: Xml Processing
  • Module 17: GUI Programming

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