Android/IPhone Application Development using Kivy

Python Training in Meerut

Android/iOS Application Development using Kivy Framework

Welcome to introduction Kivy. First off all we will know about Kivy. Kivy is a multi-platform application development kit, using Python. You will require a basic knowledge of Python.

Platform Independent
Kivy runs on various plateform

  • Android devices: Android Phone, Tablets
  • iOS Devices: iPhone, iPad
  • Desktop Computer Operating System: Windows Operating System, UNIX/Linux, Mac OS X etc.

Kivy is a multi-touch framework for the Python. Kivy contain several objects, called widgets, to display a graphical user interface.Kivy is an Open Source Python library for rapid development of applications.

What can I do with Kivy Framework?

Using Kivy, you can develope everything which you can imagine. Using touch screen the user can interact with kivy application. You can make or possible do program Simple application and Office Applications, Games, etc.

Some important feature of Kivy

  • Kivy – Open Source Library
  • Kivy – Cross Plateform
  • Kivy – Business Friendly
  • Kivy – GPU accelerated
  • Kivy
    • – Fresh
    • – Fast
    • – Flexible
    • – Focused
    • – Funded
    • – Free

Kivy depends on many Python libraries, such as pygame, gstreamer, PIL, Cairo, and more. They are not all required, but depending on the platform you are working on.

Android/iOS Application Development using Kivy

Time Duration 45 Days (2hrs/day Demonstrations and Training) accordingly Or 3 month (1hrs/day)

Course Module Cost /- + 8000 Taxes

  • Module 1: Kivy Introduction
  • Module 2: Controlling the Environment
  • Module 3: Configure Kivy
  • Module 4: Architecture Overview of Kivy
  • Module 5: Event and Properties in Kivy
  • Module 6: Input Management
  • Module 7: Widgets in Kivy
  • Module 8: Graphics in Kivy
  • Module 9: Kv Language
  • Module 10: Integrating with other Framework
  • Module 11: Best Practices
  • Module 12: Advanced Graphics
  • Module 13: Packaging your Application
  • Module 14: Package licensing
  • Module 15: Pong Game Tutorial
  • Module 16: A Simple Paint App

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