For many folks , the python language is straightforward to fall enamored with.Since its entry in 1991, Python has become one in every of the foremost widespread dynamic programming languages, at the side of Perl, Ruby et al..

Python is a successful scripting langauge.It was at the start developed Guido van Rossum.

Python world most popular language 2017. Python very powerful programming language, that are used many various areas. It is a versatile embedded scripting language, a solid foundation of many web frameworks as an example Game Development, Desktop Application Development, Machine Learning, Automation(including in 3D software applications) Data Analysis and computation activities, Web Application Development, Hacking Tool Development etc.

Why we choose Python Programming?

Python could be a high-level, general purpose, multi-platform, understood language. Some favor to decision it’s a dynamic language.It is simple to be told. Python could be a minimalistic language. one in all it’s most visible options is that it doesn’t use semicolons nor brackets.Python uses indentation instead. Today, Python is maintained but an outsizes cluster of volunteers worldwide.

Pyhton is a high-level general purpose programming language because code is automatically compiled to byte code and executed. One of the most visible features is that it does not use semicolons nor brackets.

Python’s flexibility makes it possible to build applications for various operating systems, including Android. Tech giants like Google and Yahoo along with NASA, PBS, and Reddit use Python for their websites.

Microsoft launched the beta version 2.0 of its Cognitive Toolkit open source deep-learning framework in Oct 2016, which includes support for Python.

Platform Independent
Python runs on various plateform

  • Android devices: Android Phone, Tablets
  • iOS Devices: iPhone, iPad
  • Desktop Computer Operating System: Windows Operating System, UNIX/Linux, MacOSX

Some Important feature of Python

  • Open Source Library
  • Cross Platform Independent
  • Expressive Language
  • Object Oriented Language
  • Extensible
  • Large Standard Library
  • GUI Programming
  • Integrated
  • Business Friendly
  • GPU accelerated
  • Fresh
  • Fast
  • Flexible
  • Focused

Python supports multiple programming pattern, including object oriented programming, imperative and functional programming or procedural styles.

1:Python easy to use
2:Free and Open Source
3:Interpreted Language
4:Expressive Language
5:Cross Platform Language
6:Large Standard Library
7:GUI Programming

Application Of PYTHON

Python is used in many application domains.

Scientific and Numeric for Data Analysis
Desktop Application Development
Software Development
Web and Internet Development
Manchine Learning
Game Development
Hacking Tool


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