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How to Create MD5 Brute Force Script Using Python

#Author: ManishHacker1

How to Create MD5 Brute Force Script Using Python

Hello guys, Today we will be learn How to create MD5 Brute Force script using Python.

What is brute-force Attack?

  • Brute-force attack also known exhaustive key search
  • Process of checking all possible keys
  • Using a dictionary to attack with
  • Dictionary is usually more effective than searching the whole key space.
  • Exponentially grow with increasing key size.

Brute force Attack Limit

Because time/energy required to crack a key grows exponentially with key size, encryption in today’s standards and computing power are safe brute-force attack.

A 256 bit key would take on 50 of today’s super computer 3×10^51 years

What is Dictionary Attack

  • Much faster than a whole key space search
  • Not guaranteed
  • Commonaly used on passwords
  • Dictionaries can be found online
  • A popular one is darkc0de.lst
  • Good to run before a big dictionary like darkc0de.
  • Can eliminate the most common passwords and default passwords for certain devices.
  • Eg, admin,password,welcome,12345

So now we will create a MD5 hashing brute force script using Python. In this program we will use dictionary attack.

Full Source Code:

#md5 Brute Force
import md5
import time

counter = 1

md5_hash = raw_input("Please Enter your md5 Hash: ")
pwdfile = raw_input("please enter your wordlist path: ")

    pwdfile = open(pwdfile,"r")
    print "\nFile not found"

for password in pwdfile:
    filemd5 = md5.new(password.strip()).hexdigest()
    start = time.time()
    print "Trying passowrd %d: %s" % (counter, password.strip())

    counter += 1
    end = time.time()
    t_time = end - start

    if md5_hash == filemd5:
        print "\nPassword Found. \nPassword is : %s" % password
        print "Total runtime was -- ", t_time, "second"

    print "\nPassword not Found."

How to use:


  1. First create a wordlist dictionary or Dictionaries can be found online.A popular one is darkc0de.lst. In my case, I did create a wordlist.txt.
  2. After save above python code, you can direct run your code.
  3. Double click on md5.py script or If you are using IDE. Then simple click your run module or click “fn+f5”.

  4. When you run your script, Program will ask your md5 hashes key.

Put your md5 hash and hit enter button.

After that, put your dictionary path where exist your dictionary and hit enter button.

You will saw, the our program check all possible match in our dictionary and find key.

Thank You for reading this article(How to Create MD5 Brute Force Script Using Python).
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