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How to create Folder Lock with Password Protected via Python

#Author: ManishHacker1

How to create Folder Lock with Password Protected using Python

Hello guys, Today we will be learn how to create folder lock with password protected using Python programming language.

What is Folder Lock?

Folder Lock is a data security software that is allows its users to encrypt their files and folder. Lock, hide and password protects files and folder on your computer. You can use Folder Lock to secure your files and folder on windows.

So, I am going to tell you how to make your own Folder Lock, without using any software.


You will need only python installed in your operating system. if you want to distribute your Folder Lock then you will be also need pyinstaller using to convert our python file to .exe file.


Compatible with any Microsoft Windows Operating system.


First open your python IDE or Notepad, where you want to write code. If you use to notepad please remember indentation using to write code.

Or copy the following code and paste in your python IDE or Notepad and save as anyname.py. Where “.py” is our file extension.

Step For Coding

Full code:

#Aythor : ManishHacker1
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import base64
import os
import time
import sys

pw = "password"   #Dedault Password
encode = base64.b64encode(pw)

def goto(linenum):
    global line
    line = linenum

line = 1
while True:
    pw = str(raw_input("Enter your password for Lock or Unlock your folder: "))

    if pw == base64.b64decode(encode):
    # Change Dir Path where you have Locker Folder
    # If Locker folder or Recycle bin does not exist then we will be create Locker Folder 
        if not os.path.exists("Locker"):
            if not os.path.exists("Locker.{645ff040-5081-101b-9f08-00aa002f954e}"):
                os.popen('attrib -h Locker.{645ff040-5081-101b-9f08-00aa002f954e}')
            os.popen('attrib +h Locker.{645ff040-5081-101b-9f08-00aa002f954e}')
        print "Wrong password!, Please Enter right password"

The above code have default password is “password”. If you want to set your own desired password then change password. In my code my default password is “password”.

How to use:

After that run your code and enter your default password. This will be create a Locker Folder in your drive where you want to create. If you want to create Locker folder in your “F:\” drive then change directory path in our code. In my case, My directory path is “F:\Studend\Python\Advanced\Password”. Where my Locker folder is created.

After that put your secret file and folder in your Locker Folder and again run your code.

This code will be create password protected folder and also become convert in recycle bin. After that certainly automatically will hide in your hard-drive.If you want unlock your Locker Folder. Again run your code and enter your desired password. If password is correct then you can access your secret files and folder.

Now the Deploy

Well, we have done all work for Folder Lock. Now we are going to use pyinstaller to convert it to an exe file so we can easily run it on their computer.

Now, We will be download pyinstaller using pip. Open your command prompt and type:

c:\Users\Administrator>cd\      and hit enter
c:\>cd Python27      and hit enter
c:\Python27>cd Scripts     and hit enter
c:\Python27\Scripts>pip install pyinstaller         and hit enter

After installation pyinstaller, Go to your program’s directory and run:

pyinstaller Locker.py –onefile –noconsole –ico=anyimage.ico keylogger.py

  • –onefile -> to make it just a single executable
  • –noconsole -> to prevent a console window from popping up
  • –ico -> .ico image to make it more convincing


Important think is that, you can run your script from any location in your computer where you want.

Thank You for reading this article(How to create Folder Lock with Password Protected via Python).I hope you enjoyed it. If any query please comment.
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