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How to change Window Password Using Command Prompt

How to Change Windows Password Using Command Prompt

#Author: ManishHacker1

Hello, Friends…

In this article, we will learn How to create Backdoor on our Windows Operating System. Because sometimes, we forget our password then this is an alternate way to log in our Window Operating System without the reinstall.

Well, Before Create a backdoor, we will learn, How to change Windows Password using the command prompt.

First, open your command prompt run as administrator and type following command:

Ok, Now type following command in your command prompt.
net user   and Hit Enter  

Using above command, you can see your Window Account Name. In my case, I have five account(

31756, administrator, akanksha moga ,Guest and hacked
). In every Operating system for some security reason main Administrator account is always by default on off mode.

Well, which account name paasword you want to change. Type following command:

net user hacked  *  and Hit Enter 

In above command “net user” is our command and “hacked” is an account for which we want to change password and astric(*) sign used for hiding your password coz if someone stands at your back then he/she couldn’t saw your password.

When you hit Enter button, you will see a prompt where we will give a new password.

Type a password for the user: pass and Hit Enter(but you can’t see your password.)

Retype your password to confirm: pass (again we will use same password for confirmation)
and Hit Enter.

If you see a message is “command completed successfully”. Then your computer password successfully changed without knowing our privious password.

In my case, my Password is “pass”.

Great Work!
Well, In my next article, we will learn How to create the backdoor on any Windows Operating System.
I hope you enjoy it.

Thank You for reading this article(How to change Window Password Using Command Prompt).I hope this article helpful for beginners and newbie who do not know how to change pass-code using the command prompt. If any query please comment.

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